What is TEAM T1?

TEAM T1 is a diabetes education program designed for teenagers with type 1 diabetes aged 14 to 18 years old. The program is run over five days (10am – 3pm) in a small group of 6–8 people, with a diabetes educator and dietitian trained in type 1 diabetes management. TEAM T1 teaches young people the skills to calculate how much insulin is needed for the carbohydrate-containing food they want to eat, how to manage hypos, how to manage above target blood glucose levels and to adjust food and insulin for exercise.

The emphasis of the program is on self-management, problem solving, and building confidence to help prepare young people to manage their diabetes as they leave school and move to work, study, and adult diabetes care.

During the week, teens will:

    • learn through interactive and practical activities
    • meet and learn from other young people with diabetes

TEAM T1 – Teens Empowered to Actively Manage Type 1 Diabetes – has been designed for teenagers, and is based on the Dose Adjustment for Normal Eating (DAFNE) program.

TEAM T1 program: What you need to know