Testimonials from teens

Ellen was 18 when she completed TEAM T1 in 2010.

Prior to coming along to TEAM T1, Ellen felt like diabetes was controlling her life, and she wanted to change this. Reflecting on her experience with TEAM T1 Ellen said:

“I decided to give TEAM T1 a go because I heard about the benefits through a family friend and I needed to get back into controlling my diabetes and not have diabetes controlling me! When I found out I could eat what I want, when I want, I realised for the first time in years that I’d actually have the chance to be just like any other teen.

Since completing the program, I can now eat as much or as little as I feel like, skip the odd meal, sleep in, exercise and have fewer hypos, and still have the stability and control I need to manage my BGLs. Now it’s like having the freedom and flexibility of any other person. Sometimes I actually forget I have diabetes!

I am now happier, more knowledgeable and confident and together with continuous support from the team, I have greater control. I’d be crazy if I didn’t recommend this to other teens. It really does change your life for the better. It’s a new way of managing type 1 diabetes. Give it a go. Now you can be in control!”

“The program has given me new knowledge”

“It helps you a lot especially if your levels are all over the place”

“It is extremely helpful especially talking about diabetes with others my age”

“It helped a lot with carb counting and especially the insulin adjustment”

“Excellent coverage of all issues”

“Yes, because you can do heaps more”

“Laser force, food, learning about alcohol”

“That it was fun because of the people and the laid back environment”

“Information was great. Discussing levels each day was helpful. It was reassuring to see that everyone has off BGLs, not just me…and the friendships I made”

“The insulin doses and carb counting helped loads”

“We learnt to count what we are eating and not guess”

“I liked the people and being able to talk to people in the same situation”

“I liked the constant support and help that was given throughout the program and the extra knowledge that will give me more control with my diabetes”

“Getting nice BGLs ha ha. Everything was quite relevant and well explained. For me personally it was good to be reminded of the importance and figures regarding targets and monitoring and also carb counting. Was nice not to have to pee a gazillion times too”

“It was really good. Thank you for all your help and advice. My control has definitely improved over the last week”