Please note that there are currently no centres running TEAM T1 programs in Australia. We hope to have centres running the program in the future.


TEAM T1 is an education program designed for teenagers with type 1 diabetes to help you learn the things you need to know about managing your diabetes as you become older and more independent.

The program runs over five days, starting at 10am and finishing at 3pm. It is held during school holidays but you will have some fun!

During a TEAM T1 program you will:

  • Meet other people your age with type 1 diabetes
  • Participate in practical hands-on activities
  • Go out for lunch together with the other participants
  • Participate in an afternoon activity (such as Laserforce or indoor rock-climbing)

A TEAM T1 program could help you, if:

  • you want to improve your blood glucose levels
  • you want a more flexible lifestyle and to eat when you want
  • you have frequent hypos
  • you have reduced awareness of hypos (don’t always have symptoms)
  • you participate in regular sport or exercise or want to play more sport
  • you struggle with day to day management of your diabetes, diabetes-related stress or anxiety
  • you want to know more about managing your diabetes.


Many people haven’t learned to use insulin to carbohydrate ratios to work out their insulin doses, or how to use corrective doses to bring their blood glucose level into the target range. In a safe and supervised environment, you can practice using these advanced strategies to improve your blood glucose levels and have a more flexible lifestyle.

“It really changes your life for the better” (Ellen)

See what other people with diabetes who have done TEAM T1 have to say about it.

The TEAM T1 program teaches you to match your insulin dose to the amount of carbohydrate you want to eat - this will give you more flexibility with what you want to eat and when you want to eat it.

For people having a lot of hypos or who don’t always know when they are experiencing a hypo (impaired hypo awareness), learning how to manage and avoid hypos can help to restore symptoms and confidence to go out and be active. TEAM T1 participants also learn appropriate insulin dosing and ratios, and practice carb counting, which helps them to know how to reduce hypos.

A lot of people don’t exercise or play sport as much as they would like because they are bothered by hypos during or after they exercise. Participants learn how to adjust their insulin and food for exercise. An afternoon is spent playing games to practice using the exercise guidelines.

Click on the “Find a Centre” option in the menu above to find the contact details for your nearest centre and leave your details. The diabetes educator running the program will contact you to ask you some questions about your diabetes and your current insulin treatment to see if the program would be suitable for you. You will need a letter of referral or approval from your paediatrician or endocrinologist to attend the program.

You can also see what programs are currently scheduled at your nearest centre by clicking on the 'Find a Program' link at the top of the page.

About two weeks before the program you will be asked to attend an appointment with the diabetes educator and dietitian running the program, so they can meet you and find out more about you and your diabetes. You will then be ready to start TEAM T1.

The program is held Monday to Friday, from 10am til 3pm each day (9am – 3pm on the first day). After the program you can contact the diabetes educator and dietitian by phone or email.

There is currently no charge to attend the TEAM T1 program but you will need to bring some money to buy your lunch on the day you all go out together.