Testimonials from parents

TEAM T1 was piloted in three centres in Australia in 2010 with 19 teenagers aged 14–18 years.

Ellen was 18 when she completed TEAM T1 in 2010.

Prior to coming along to TEAM T1, Ellen felt like diabetes was controlling her life, and she wanted to change this. Reflecting on her experience with TEAM T1 Ellen’s mother Mo said:

“Both our knowledge and confidence has increased since completing the TEAM T1 program and as a parent of a teenager with diabetes, I now feel that I have the tools and resources to support her in a constructive way. I am constantly amazed at the change in my daughter. Her attitude to managing diabetes is much more positive, she is definitely happier and healthier“.

Parents of teenagers who participated in 2013 said:

“The program has given me more confidence for managing diabetes now and for the future. It also helped to open up communication regarding managing diabetes. The program has been wonderful, very supportive and I know will make a difference.”

“I enjoyed every aspect of it. I learned heaps and the staff were very approachable.”

“I loved it. Studying the TEAM T1 program has given us more freedom of lifestyle.”

Other parents from the pilot program provided the following responses when asked:


“Understanding diabetes and how I can assist my child with diabetes”

“Meeting other parents, having our child meet other children in the same situation”

“Identifying carbs. Learning how to communicate with kids about problems”

“The ability to set insulin levels precisely, analyse trends and make the necessary adjustments. Better tools for assessing carb levels”

“Meeting other parents, carers and discussing our issues which are mostly similar. This was comforting, yet confronting. Thank you for the opportunity”

“Information was vital to successfully managing diabetes and other health related (later) complications being minimised”

“A lot of information and very structured, able to make better decisions regarding insulin adjustment and carb counting”

“Lots of useful information that will make me a better carer for an insulin dependent teenager. Given me lots of tools to use in different situations that may arise”

“All of it has been excellent and greatly appreciated, increases the total picture and knowledge is very helpful, particularly carb counting and insulin dose adjustments”

“Good to meet other parents and listen to their stories. Makes you aware that you are not by yourself”.

“Good and new info provided to not make diabetes so rigid”

“Spread the word! Continue the education and earlier!”

“Congratulations. What a wonderful program. Please try to achieve them in regional/rural areas. Thank you for making me feel normal among other parents coping with similar difficulties. I hope my daughter receives as much out of this as I. Well done!”

“We talk about not being on target - not high or low”

“More/better control and more relaxed and confident”

“She makes more decisions about her management with her increased knowledge. She is more prepared to check her BGLs again”.