Please note that there are currently no centres running TEAM T1 programs in Australia. We hope to have centres running the program in the future.


TEAM T1 is a five day education program designed for teenagers with type 1 diabetes to help them learn the things they need to know about managing their diabetes as they become an independent young adult.

It also includes a two day program for parents to help them to assist their child become more independent in self-management of diabetes as they transition to adulthood.

How could a TEAM T1 program assist my teenager?

A TEAM T1 program could help teens who:

  • want to improve their blood glucose levels
  • want a more flexible lifestyle and to eat when they want
  • has frequent hypos
  • have reduced awareness of hypos (don’t always have symptoms)
  • participates in regular sport or exercise or wants to play more sport but has struggled with hypos and/or insulin adjustment.
  • struggle with day to day management of diabetes, diabetes-related distress or anxiety
  • want to know more about managing their diabetes.


As your child approaches adulthood he/she will be responsible for more of their own diabetes self-management. They will need to make decisions many times a day about what to eat and when, what activities they will do and how they will adjust their insulin and food to manage their diabetes in all situations. TEAM T1 equips adolescents with the knowledge and skills to make these decisions while having a flexible lifestyle.

With a lower HbA1c, the frequency of hypos and the risk of severe hypos usually increases. For people having a lot of hypos or who don’t always know when they are hypo (impaired hypo awareness), learning how to manage and avoid hypos can help to restore symptoms and confidence to go out and be active. By learning appropriate insulin dosing and ratios, and by practicing carb counting, participants also learn how to reduce the number of hypos and the risk of a severe hypo occurring.

TEAM T1 gives participants an opportunity to learn and practice carb counting and insulin adjustment in a safe environment. It allows them to have a more spontaneous, flexible lifestyle like their peers without diabetes. A pilot study of TEAM T1 program conducted in 2010 with 19 teenagers showed that the program was helpful for teenagers and their parents. Teens reported feeling more confident to manage their diabetes and less diabetes-related distress. The DAFNE program (from which TEAM T1 has been adapted) results in improved HbA1c and less hypos.

“The information presented filled many gaps in my knowledge. I will now be able to help my child better” See more testimonials from other parents.

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Your child will learn advanced skills to manage diabetes and insulin dosing which takes time and practice. Each lunchtime and snack is an opportunity to practice carb counting and calculating doses with the help of a dietitian and diabetes nurse educator. Your child will learn from their own and each others’ experiences and trial using ratios and correction doses to keep blood glucose levels in target. The program is held in school holidays so no school is missed.

In a life-time of diabetes five days is a worthwhile investment of time. Spending a week with other teenagers with diabetes and learning from each other is invaluable.

It is really helpful for you to know what your child has learnt so you can support efforts to accurately measure carbs and adjust insulin and assist your child to self-manage their diabetes. Therefore it is strongly encouraged that at least one parent attend the parent support program. However, adolescents will not be prevented from attending if a parent is unable to attend.

TEAM T1 program: What you need to know